2 comments on “V0.01c Ready

  1. Have you set up the ticketing system yet? I’ll just dump my bug report here for now.

    The game appears to freeze when generating map. Yes, I know you’re working on a progress bar, but since Task Manager says a process is “Not Responding” you might want to fix it.
    Clicking on an empty hex displays the description of a province
    -It’s unclear how they are picked but these seem to be actual provinces on the map.
    Regardless of which resource is missing, when building tower upgrades the game will say you don’t have enough mana.
    -You ALWAYS get this message (even if you have enough resources)
    Resizing the game ruins the interface
    On “small” (mine is 1600×900) resolutions part of the interface is obscured (see screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/9Mk5O.png)
    Clicking on an empty space in the “Heroes in Hex box” will open a blank hero. Interacting with it (like leveling up or assigning a task) gives an error message.
    Some heroes (elven monk) are named “Placeholder”
    Exploring (with heroes) is broken (but you probably knew that)
    Hexes are referenced by their coordinates for heroes, but no such information can be found on the map.
    Relations with sites (villages and such) are referred to but not known.
    Armies seem to be able to walk on water.
    Winning a battle gives you a new empty army (instead, presumbaly, of whatever site you were fighting for, because you don’t get that)
    -possible cause: unit being built in the province. Which you do get. (But not the site that builds it.)
    -Actually I think that’s a separate bug- it always builds me a new unit when I coqnuer an army.
    Despite what the manual says, it’s not possible to get a regiment’s stats by double-clicking it (or to my knowlegde any other way).
    I don’t know what level-up should do, but it’s always available to heroes.

    • Hi, thanks a lot for the feedback. I will be setting up Mantis shortly for bug reporting, and forums at the end of the week for more generalized feedback.

      World Generation Progress:
      Yes, the progress bar is sorely needed. Right now it looks very much like the process is frozen. The world generation currently happens on the main thread which also processes windows messages, so while it is generating it looks unresponsive to windows. I will move it to a separate thread, so the application is reponsive and can show progress, and possibly multi-thread some of the heavier operations so it can be faster.
      Tower Upgrade Mana Bug: Verified as buggy like you say. Fixed in next release.
      Resizing/UI/Screen resolutions: The UI in general needs a lot of work. It also works poorly on many resolutions with regards to inaccessible UI elements etc.
      Hero UI Bugs: Noted.
      Hero Names: Yes, some cultures are not assigned a language yet. Should probably just default to a random language instead of being named placeholder.
      Heroes/Exploring: Yes, heroes cannot move in the current release. Is fixed in the next release.
      Coordinates for Hexes: Good point. This needs to be visible on the map. I am trying to avoid using coordinates wherever possible, but until villages, towns, fortresses, are assigned names, coordinates are the only way to identify them.
      Relationship with Neutrals: Diplomatic values not visible yet. Known issue.
      Armies and Water: Yes armies can move across water at a speed of one hex/turn. This is a temporary solution until navies/ship functionality is added.
      Winning a Battle: The phantom army is actually the empty defeated enemey army which isn’t cleaned up properly. Noted.
      Regiment Stats: Not accessible from all army views. The one where is accessible is not visible on anything but very high resoultions.
      Level-Up: XP for heroes is currently very early in development, so as a debug feature, heroes can just level up whenever you want them to.

      Getting Mantis up looks like a high priority. Collating bug reports from mail and comments is not optimal.

      Thanks a lot for the bug reports. It helps a lot when prioritizing my work.

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