6 comments on “V0.01d – World Creation Progress Bar and Minor Bugfixes

  1. Undocumented Feature? closing the combat allows you to withdraw from it without additional casualties.
    It is possible to give orders to neutral armies, despite what the pop-up message says.
    Conquering (attacking a city) does not give it to you: The city can no longer be attacked, but the game says it’s owner is still “neutral” (or GameModel.Wizard for villages) and you can’t collect taxes or build anything there.
    -Also, please inform people how to attack towns, I didn’t manage to find this feature last time, despite being sure that it had to be there (it’s a 4x game, after all).
    — To players reading this: attacking is done by right-clicking the hex your army is in, and chose which site to capture.
    Closing the “Setup New Game” window will proceed as if you clicked “create game”. Closing the “Chose Your Wizard” window will similarly continue, however doing so having only picked race will allow you to play a wizard called “” (not allowed in regular game) where as not picking a race (name or no name) gives an error message and prevents world generation.
    Research doesn’t work (I’m guessing it isn’t supposed to yet).

    Suggestion: add the “get gold” and “get mana” commands to the “cheat” menu to facilitate testing.

    • Thanks for the feedback and bug reports. Research is implemented, but quite buggy – should be in a less raw state for next release.

      I will add the get gold/get mana commands in the next release. Good idea. Probably also some kind of spawn army/regiment cheat.

      I am reworking the UI for controlling heroes and champions at the moment as it is quite unintuitive at the moment with all the lists, and some functionality in the info bar and some found in context menus by right-clicking.

      The aborting combat by closing the combat view is a bug.

  2. Choosing “demigod” as a mage type will make you play as a warlord, even though the message implies it should be a magus (BTW, magi is the plural form)
    Chosing to build another unit will scrap the old one without a warning (or a refund). This is only relevant if you change your mind after you start building, as costs are paid at the end of the turn.
    Conquering as a faction (warlord) doesn’t yield any gold either (and you can’t build improvements at all)
    Recruiting only happens in the capital (even if you think you picked a different site). If thatis the desired behavior, then the bug is that in some territories you “can’t build”.
    -It seems you can only do one recruitment per province (group of hexes). So you can’t build in captured sites either. They aren’t good for anything.
    Capturing a site gives a blank pop-up mesage (and 2 nonblank ones- victory in battle and conquest of site)

    • Oh, thanks for spotting the demigod->warlord bug. I’m mostly focusing on getting Wizard mode up and running. And thanks for letting me know about the plural/singular thing. I will get some renaming in soon.

      Yeah, capturing and conquering things doesn’t really give you anything yet. I will look into the blank message.

  3. Just downloaded latest version – I just wanted to say (again, as I have said it on Bay 12 Forums) that it looks really, really promising. πŸ™‚ Hopefully you will be able to squash the bugs with ease. πŸ™‚ Right now I my free time is luxury, so I won’t be able to test it hard, but I will do my best – especially with ideas, which I usually have plenty. πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks, BlindKitty πŸ™‚

      I will get some forums and a bug tracking system up and running at the end of this week. That should make it easier to give ideas and feedback.

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