2 comments on “V0.01e – Bugfixes

  1. There is no way to close the battle window now, which means combat doesn’t end, even once fully resolved. Of course Alt+F4 still works just as it used to (withdraws you from combat).
    The blank message I mentioned earlier is losses- if you conquer an empty site, there aren’t any, but the pop-up still happens (and is naturally blank).
    -suggestion: if opposing army is empty don’t even go into the battle screen just say “you conquered this and that”.
    “Travel to new location” command (for heroes) doesn’t work.
    It is possible to reorganize between armies of different owners. So if you ever lose a battle, just steal the enemy troops for yourself 😉
    -fun fact: you can create armies in enemy hexes, but they will still be enemy controlled.
    Researching a spell will not remove it from the “available research” list.
    -researching the same thing twice gives you 2 copies of it in your spell book (if you were wondering)
    Building barracks doesn’t allow you to recruit a regiment (is that what it’s supposed to do? I know Observatory and Library help research, but I am completely at loss about some of the other buildings)
    Fast Resolve will sometimes not draw the final turn (so it appears as if the battle ended with the enemy still having troops).
    Hero actions window spawns new copies of itself instead of bringing the old one into focus (when you double-click the hero).
    The map is too small for the game window (i.e. once you get to the bottom/right edge of the map, there will be black space you can scroll into but no more map.)
    -tested with medium, small and very small worlds.
    Suggestion: a keyboard shortcut to end turns (Enter is a common one. But you can use something like Alt+E if you’re afraid people will press it accidentally)
    An army can be ordered “diagonally” up or down (so if you were in 10,10 you can order you army into the non adjacent 11,11. And back.) The order will not be carried out, but the next one will be. (so if you said go 10,10->11,11->11,12 (diagonally down, then down) you will actually move 10,10->10,11 (only down) )

  2. Nice fast catch on the battle issue. Yes, travel to new location not working is a known issue – needs the map UI overhaul/fixes to work fully.

    Thanks for catching all these bugs, and helping me focus my efforts. It is much appreciated.

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