2 comments on “V0.9.1 – Alpha, Recruitment UI & Mechanics, Workers, Bugfixes

  1. When do you plan on putting in Warlords, and what distinction will demigods have from the two modes? And is the installer meant to only be 6kb? Looking forward to the final release of this; I have enjoyed the concept, and surprised myself by just how long I have been following this project (Since the second blog post I think, can’t remember where I heard of it however).

  2. It will probably be at least a few months before Warlords go in. I’d like my current push for decent playability to be finished, so that people can actually see the different mechanics in play.

    Demigod gameplay will be focused on acquiring worshippers and changing the world – a demigod of war and winter will be able to slowly transform conquered territories into a colder climate, and create more tension in the world – and will be rewarded with more power for doing so, and so forth. Conflict with (and seeking sponsorship/protection from) the existing pantheon will also play a role.

    Glad to hear you are looking forward to a launch. Myself, I look very much forward to when this becomes a fully playable game – it also surprises me at times how long I have been working on this. I often wish I could devote more time to it, so that progress would be faster, but I do have job, family and friends competing for my time. But as the codebase grows the stuff that I add becomes more interesting, gameplay-wise, and for me, so in a sense it’s a snowball that will hopefully increase in velocity as I get closer to the goal.

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